4 Questions To Ask Your Business Insurance Broker

When taking business insurance coverage, you certainly require the services of a business insurance broker. Although the broker charges a small amount of money, their input will ensure that your business has the required insurance covers. The excerpt below details a few questions you should ask your broker as you take insurance covers for your business. 

1. What Insurance Does The Business Need? 

The broker will examine your business to establish the type of insurance you need. Typically, you need workers' compensation insurance to cover your employees. The coverage is mandatory in Australia. Therefore, you risk penalties or jail time if your employees are not covered. You also need commercial property insurance to cover your business premises and any equipment owned by your company. If you sell items to clients, you need product liability insurance. If you offer a service, you require professional liability insurance. General liability covers third parties injured at your premises and property damaged as you work on your client's premises. 

2. What Perils Need Coverage? 

Insurance covers, such as property insurance, cover specified risks. However, the location and nature of your business could compel you to add additional risks to the policy. For example, you may want to add flood damages and business interruption to the commercial property cover. On the other hand, the auto insurance cover could have add-ons, such as zero depreciation, no claim bonus, and daily allowance. The broker will also examine the amount of coverage that you need. It will help prevent underinsurance. 

3. Which Insurer Serves The Business's Needs? 

As a consumer, it may be difficult for you to choose an insurer. However, your broker can give the pros and cons of each insurer. For example, some insurers specialise in specific covers. In this case, they could offer comprehensive policies that cover a wide range of risks. The broker will also give a comparative analysis of the percentage of claims that each insurer has paid out in the last year. It will help you determine insurers with a straightforward claims process. Finally, the broker will tell you how each of the prequalified insurers treats their customers. Typically, consider companies that value customer relationships. 

4. How Can You Manage The Cover? 

One of the easiest ways to manage your insurance covers is by asking the broker to combine some of the policies. For instance, a general liability cover could include property insurance and professional indemnity. Additionally, reduce business risks to lower the premiums. 

When taking business insurance, establish the required policies, the risks your business is exposed to, and a suitable insurer.