Why Buy Electronic Equipment Insurance Cover?

As well as putting general business insurance in place, your company may also need specialist policies. If you use a lot of electronic equipment like computers, laptops and servers, then this equipment may need extra coverage to mitigate against things that can go wrong with it. For example, you can add electronic equipment insurance to your general business policy if you wish. What does this policy cover, and what are its benefits? Read More 

Types of Business Insurance

Ever wondered the types of insurance you'll need when setting up your business? No matter how big or small your business is, it will face a variety of risks as long as it is operational. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure that you, your assets and staff are protected from financial loss in case of an accident.  Below are the types of insurance you should consider taking.  Computer and electronic Read More 

4 Risks Your Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy May Cover

Some professionals may not take full advantage of their professional indemnity cover because those professionals may be unaware of some of the additional risks which are often included in the policy they purchased. This article discusses some of those risks which could be included in your policy. When Cash Goes Missing Some insurers include wording in their professional indemnity (PI) policy to the effect that the insured company or person is covered in case some money is found missing. Read More 

4 Tips for Saving Money on Civil Contracting Insurance

If you're a civil contractor, you carry a lot of liability. You're responsible for all the vehicles and equipment on your construction site, you're liable if something goes wrong with your building once it's finished, and you carry some responsibility if you can't finish the job for any reason. Because of these issues and others, civil contracting insurance is essential. However, it can get expensive. Here are a few ways to save: Read More 

The Office Insurance Types that You Must Consider to Counter any Business-Related Risks

For any business whether small, medium or big, getting an office insurance cover can help to protect against any possible incident within your premises. There are four main office insurance options that you need to understand well and apply to your office operated business. Buildings and contents insurance This covers your business's buildings, i.e. the office blocks, staff houses, stores, warehouses, etc. You need the building insurance to protect your premises if your business owns the buildings. Read More